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Europe’s number 1  for mobilehomes agency, based in Belgium Holland and UK, with agents in over 8 countries. We sell or buy your old MobileHome

What we do?

If when you buy or sell a traditional house you can use an estate agent to sell you the house or to find you the house, with mobile homes the same happens, and it happens across borders too, so we are an international team.
We buy mobilehomes for stock and we distribute them all over Europe.
But we also handle transfers between private individuals, so, as often on the selling side is a private individual who wants a smooth process, and on the buying side is a reseller or private individual who wants the same. So we handle the transport and delivery arrangements so that everybody is happy.

So… what do you want to do?

Sell or Buy a new Unit and we will deal with details of your old one, or we will buy it. 

Why Choose Us

26 years dealing MobileHomes in EVERY front lines across a variety of countries, we have the best tools in the trade to help you sell your old MobileHome.
Why us? Because your passion is our passion


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