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Europe’s number 1 outlet for mobilehomes, based in Belgium Holland and UK, with agents in over 8 countries. We buy your old MobileHome

MobileHome Sales Management

Is the process of developing a sales force, coordinating sales operations,  that allow a business to consistently hit, and even surpass, its sales targets of used units.
– Market Reseach, Client Locator, Logistics
Buy a new Unit and we will deal with details of your old one, or we will buy it.  

We Got You Covered

Our services are tailor-made and on-demand.
Buy a new Unit and we will deal with details of your old one, or we will buy it.  

Why Choose Us

26 years dealing MobileHomes in EVERY front lines across a variety of countries, we have the best tools in the trade to help you sell your old MobileHome.
Why us? Because your passion is our passion


Satisfaction Guarantee


Years of experience


Extensive database


High level of commitment


Multi-national experience


Sales accounting support

Financial Advice

We advise you on buying and selling your old unit

Investment Planning

We advise you on the purchase of your new unit

Safe And Secure

We take care of all the procedures you need.

We will be your people in the ground, on demand, tailor-made, occasional or permanent with geographically tested strategies and solutions. “Proximity is Power !!”

-Tony Robins

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you work otherwise than on a commission basis?

Yes, we work as sales representatives as well as sales agents, either on a commission or CPA (Cost Per Action).


Is it possible to give my clients technical support characteristic of my MobileHome?

Yes, we have done it before, to offer technical support and sales support.

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